TRP5005 2 pcs set, Troop Elevation Pillow, Head Cradle, Reusable, 30 Barrier Covers

TRP5005 + 30 Covers
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Troop Elevation Pillow TRP5005

Troop Elevation Pillow 2 pcs set includes

  • 1 Reusable, Vinyl Troop Elevation Pillow
  • Head Cradle
  • Comes with 1 case of 30 Barrier covers which is required and should be used for patient safety.

Designed and developed by a practicing anesthesiologist to address the inherent problem of positioning when working with larger patients. The Troop Elevation Pillow is designed and intended to facilitate airway management for obese and large-framed patients. The pillow is for intra-op and post-op care.

Ships in 2 boxes

Troop Elevation Pillow 30X20X6" 


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