Jaw Elevation Device (JED)

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Jaw Elevation Device, JED

The Jaw Elevation Device (JED™) is an externally applied, non-invasive device which maintains an open airway in situations when breathing is in danger of being compromised. The JED™ may be used during any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that requires analgesics or sedatives for patient comfort. It is applicable in operating rooms, office practices, oral surgery/ dental offices, interventional radiology suites, MRIs or ambulances. The JED™ may be left in place as patients recover from their procedure to safely secure the airway until sedation wears off.

Assists clinician in performing an optimal jaw thrust, eliminating the need for the clinician to manually maintain the jaw thrust during a procedure.

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Jaw Elevation Device
  • The manufacturer does not include CUPS with the JED.  NO CUPS INCLUDED (cups sold seperately)


  • Maintains an open airway in sedated or anesthetized patients without the need for airway instrumentation
  • Frees medical personnel from the need to hold the jaw manually in sedated or obtunded patients
  • When left in place after a procedure, reduces post-operative airway complications
  • Non-invasive and easy to apply
  • Provides a reusable head support, eliminating the need for blankets, towels or donuts


  • Operating Rooms
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Office Practices
  • Oral Surgery/Dental Offices
  • Interventional Radiology Suites
  • MRI