Light Cloud Donut Head Positioners (3 per box)

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LC250 Light Cloud­® Prone Headrest for Anesthesia

Product Description

Light Cloud­® Prone Headrest for Anesthesia (3 per box)

  • Prone head positioner
  • Comprised of doughy soft foam
  • Reusable (resposable) and easily cleaned
  • Superior pressure management attributes
  • Skinned outer film offers limited re-usability
  • Has tube channel and allows for ocular visualization
  • Dimensions:
    • 3.5″ at chin and forehead
    • outer wings height is 6″
    • Overall dimensions are 9″ x 9.5″


Resposable Prone Headrest for Anesthesia is made of a doughy soft foam allows for multiple reuses while maintaining superior pressure reducing attributes.  A thin coating similar to a “Nerf” football offers a cleanable surface. Product should not be saturated in liquid. Dimensions are 3.5″ at chin and forehead, outer wings height is 6″. Overall dimensions are 9″ x 9.5″. This item is a favorite for anesthesiologist prone positioning as it has tube channels and also allows for ocular visualization.


PPS offers a wide array of anesthesia surgical aids that are beneficial to the patient as well as the end user, anesthesiologist, tech, or circulating nurse. We have a several prone positioners made of foam and gel. Our gel prone positioners are reusable. Our foam prone positioners are both single use and resposable. We offer stick on thermometers for anesthesia patient monitoring. We have prone camera system to assess patients while anesthetized. We also offer several options for anesthesia screens, anesthesia carts as well as other surgical devices for anesthesia. 

Prone Headrest for Anesthesia